What Is a Slick Stick and Why Is It Popular?

by Thomas Ford

Achieving the laid-back sleek bun or ponytail look is always a struggle for many women, even with current hair products on the market. Usually, many women prefer using gel and a combination of other hair products to get this look, and in most cases, it does not last long, and you end up with fly-away hairs in the middle of the day. Most gels also leave a greyish look on your hair, sometimes even in the middle of the day. The hair residue is also one frustration about using gel products to achieve the look.

The slick stick is a new, better, all-in-one product that achieves that same silky-laid hair look. Since the release of the slick stick for hair into the market, it has quickly grown into a trendy must-have hair accessory. You can achieve the sleeked-back model look without putting in much effort.

Design and Features of a Slick Stick

The best thing about this hair product is it is a tiny portable tube that looks precisely like mascara. It is, however, a little bit bigger but compact enough to carry in a small purse to any place. Hence, it eliminates the problem of not knowing how to retouch your hair if it comes off. This product also has a lovely scent, an added bonus on top of its simple feature design.

What Ingredients Are Found in A Slick Stick?

A standard slick stick contains the following ingredients;

1. Jojoba oil

2. Camellia oils

3. Evening Primrose

4. Water and Glycerin

5. Esters

6. Copolymer and scents

Why Is It Popular?

This product originated in Australia and has since rapidly taken over the global market. The slick stick has many excellent features on top of its high quality, making it a popular hair product. Below are also benefits that contribute to why it is popular.

1. Eliminates Crunchy Hair

Typical hair products leave a crunchy dry look after staying for some time. This problem, however, is not the case for the slick stick, which keeps the hair silky and moisturized even after a whole day.

2. Portability

The small mascara-like tube can be easily carried around without being noticed. Since it is small, you can use it to retouch your hair once in a while or when traveling without much effort.

3. Requires A Small Amount

The best part about this product is that you don’t have to apply as much as the gel. You only need consistent small applications throughout the body to achieve great sleeked hair.

4. Long Lasting

The slick stick can last a whole day without the hair coming out, which is one of the main reasons for its popularity. You don’t need to retouch your hair once you’ve applied it.

5. Suitable for All Hair Types

The most remarkable thing about the slick stick is that it suits all types of hair and works well in them. This property is also another primary reason it’s a growing trend in the beauty industry.

How to Use the Slick Stick

It is simple to use and only requires you to take the mascara wand and brush it in the direction you want. Dip it in the tube and do it consistently throughout the hair.


The Slick Stick is a revolution in the beauty industry and one of the high-quality products released in recent years. It has excellent features and performance, reducing the effort required to achieve the official sleek ponytail look. Instead of having too many products that can inconvenience you, this stick is the way to go and is worth the hype and price.

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