What you need to know about the YouTube algorithm

by Thomas Ford

Asides from getting your YouTube video noticed through YouTube downvotes, there are other ways to make your video get higher recognition and also beat the YouTube algorithm.

If you properly optimize your YouTube channel, you can have your video get at the top of every search result. Again, if optimizing your YouTube algorithm is done wrong, you can get yourself pushed back to the end. In this guide, we will show you key steps to get your videos noticed on YouTube.

How to beat the YouTube algorithm

If your end goal is to gain more views on your videos, then you must understand the steps involved in getting them optimized to rank better and higher. Here are some of the things that you need to know;

Creating metadata/description

Metadata directly explains some other information that can be found in your video content. These may include tags, descriptions, and annotations. Having this information included in your content helps to make it more visible and easy to be discovered by the YouTube algorithm. While uploading your video, you must optimize your metadata as it helps to make your video stand out from that of your competitors.

Again, focus on finding out keywords that are relevant to your industry and ensure to have them placed across videos on your channel. That way, visitors will be able to figure out the exact category of your content.

Study your competitors

Standing out entails that you carry out the necessary assignment. One of the ways that you can do this is by finding out what your competitors are doing. What sort of videos have they been posting? What metadata are they using? How about their engagement; what’s its level?

These and more some of the questions to ask yourself while researching your competitors. This will help you to quickly figure out what you should be doing as it helps you become better at content production. Remember to always include the tags and custom thumbnails.

Research relevant keywords

One of the oldest and most trusted ways of checking for keywords on YouTube is through the strict browsing of other videos. Check out the topics, descriptions, and finally take more of the keyword variants.

If you’re not willing to go through the stress of manually finding out relevant keywords, you can opt for an SEO tool that will enable you to find out some of the perfect keywords for your industry/niche. This method is often safer and faster.

Apply longer keywords

Keywords as you already know, are important when looking to optimize your videos to beat YouTube algorithms. Another way you can do this effectively is by applying long-tail keywords and using them as tags for your videos. To do this, you will need to find some of the multiple word keywords that are often used for videos in your niche. Understand that some of them may be protected by copyright laws; do well to avoid those. Examples of multiple word keywords may include: how to apply everyday makeup.


Competition within the YouTube space is becoming an everyday thing. This is more reason why you should focus on making sure that you optimize and increase the visibility of your channel.

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