4 Ways On How To Manage Smartwatch Fitness Apps

by Thomas Ford

The right apps on a smartwatch ensure maximum enjoyment. Furthermore, at the watch 3 store, some smartwatches present supports a wide array of apps. Additionally, one of the most common apps that are supported by smartwatches is the fitness apps. The fitness apps require several ways to manage them properly. Thus, this article will update you on how to manage smartwatch fitness apps.

How to manage smartwatch fitness apps

1. Installing the fitness apps

While installing the fitness apps on your smartwatch, there are two common steps, they include;

  • Open the fitness app on your phone or tablet, click on devices and then on your device’s name, then click Apps. The key point is that some smartwatches require Android 6 or later versions and Harmony OS2 for smartwatch app installation to work effectively.
  • On the list of apps, choose the app you wish to use and click install. Once the app installation process is complete, you will see it on your watch’s app list.

2. Using the apps from the smartwatch

Just like in installing, using apps from the watch requires only two steps, they include;

  • On your smartwatch, touch the up button to key in the fitness app list.
  • Then, touch up or down to choose the app you need and then go through the directions on the screen on how to use it properly.

The key points to note while using the fitness app from the smartwatch are;

  • Some fitness apps require phone connections to operate effectively. When a message pops up on your watch, you can identify those apps that you need to add to your mobile phone. 
  • Ensure to give authorization when installing and using apps from your phone. During the first time the app use after installation, you will be offered terms of the agreement. Ensure to sign the agreement, or you will be unable to use the fitness app. 
  • If there are problems with authorization, go to the fitness app and ensure to go to setting, then device capabilities, choose the app, and try giving authorization again.

3. Updating the fitness apps

There are three common steps to updating apps on a smartwatch, they include;

  • Go to the fitness app, press devices, then the name of your device, and then click on apps.
  • Once done with the above, go to the manager and click to see the apps that require updating.
  • Then, press on Updates and touch update to get the newest version of the selected app.

4. Uninstalling the fitness 

To uninstall the fitness apps; you need to do the following,

  • Open the fitness app, press devices and choose your device’s name, then press on apps.
  • Once done, click on the manager to see the app list.
  • Then move to the installation manager, go to uninstall, and uninstall the fitness app you want. Once the selected app is uninstalled, it will be automatically removed from your watch.


Managing the fitness apps in a smartwatch device is quite simple. You only need to know how to install, use, update and uninstall the app from your smartwatch. The above are just the common steps of managing the fitness apps on your smartwatch. 

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