New Gameplay Features You Need To Know in FIFA 21

by Thomas Ford

The 28th installment in the FIFA series- FIFA 21- has been finally released on 9 October 2020 for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. This ultimate edition comes with new features where all gamers are concerned. From Career mode upgrade to new icons and the ultimate team, we have got all these covered in our FIFA 21 new gameplay features guide.


This new feature of FIFA 21 allows greater control over player movement with new attacking systems such as:

  • Agile Dribbling-Excellent dribbling statistics allows the player to shift the ball quickly without getting tackled.
  • Creative Runs-Giving more control over attackers’ movement, you have three new ways to pass- directed runs, directed pass/go, and player lock.
  • Natural Collision System-This now allows you to jump or hurdle over opponent prone on the ground reducing collisions.
  • Positioning awareness-This increased positional awareness elevates footballers’ in-game intelligence.
  • Fundamentals of football- Passing, Blocking, Responsiveness, and manual headers are updated to raise the game.

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

Build your team squad and earn rewards by playing matches and completing objectives. You can buy FUT coins 21 to find players or items and take your team to the next level. You can team up online with your friends in Division Rivals against others or Squad Battles against AI. Unlock rewards by completing special Co-op objectives.

Career Mode Upgrade

This new team development feature allows you to find your best 11 and notice where your team is lacking. You can fill this by training and transfers. In FIFA 21, you get more control over player development by converting them to new positions or focusing on players’ growth.

You can now increase player performance levels in FIFA 21 by keeping their sharpness high with training sessions measured on a scale of 0-100. A brand new addition in FIFA 21 is that you can make Loans buy offers for players with optional and mandatory transfer fees, which lets you try them before transferring the fees.

Volta Football

With customizable locations and more expression to the style of the world, Volta Football is back in FIFA 21 for a second season. You can customize your Volta Avatar and show off your style with your unique personality.

Complete ladders to unlock new fresh gears throughout the seasons, or use VOLTA COINS to unlock them. Upgrade player’s abilities by earning skill points in playing matches with Avatar. You can face off your favorite professional team in any of the VOLTA FOOTBALL’s locations.

Next-Gen Consoles

You can jump off to your favorite mode from the PlayStation home screen via the Activity Cards in FIFA 21 for PlayStation 5. It comes with rapid visuals, lightning load times, and incredible haptic feedback making the game more realistic than ever before.

With more power, there is an improved visual quality of two-player interactions. There is an improved Smoother Encounter Feature from PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, promoting even smoother gameplay.

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