Discover Seven Things You Do Not Know About Twitter

by Thomas Ford

Twitter is a social media platform where all or most serious conversations are kick-started. Twitter boasts over 270+ million monthly users, globally. Some of the world’s biggest stories begin on Twitter. On Twitter, everyone can voice their opinions, making it the preferred social media platform for political debates and other mature conversations. But, did you know its possible to pay for cheap likes for your content, which makes the platforms easy to work? Maybe, there are numerous things you do not know about Twitter; we are going to discuss several in this article.

1.In 2006 it was called ‘twttr’

Twitter has grown from an internal messaging service to a global platform. As of May 30th, 2020, Twitter had 330 million monthly users and an astonishing 145 million daily users. Did you know that back in 2006 the companies name was twttr. As most companies do, Twitter changed its name several times since its creation, eventually ending with the name we use today; Twitter.

2.You can send tweets with a text message

Because Twitter has mobile phone DNA, you can send tweets from your mobile phone using text messages. You can also receive a text message when anyone follows you or retweets your content. All you have to do is set up your mobile for texts and Twitter and choose the specific settings, and you can enjoy Twitter messaging alerts.

3.Hashtags improve engagement by almost 100%

Research data from Twitter proves that tweets with hashtags get a significantly higher engagement rate from Twitter followers. New organizations on Twitter get up to 50% more engagement on tweets with hashtags.

4.How the Twitter icon got its name

Did you know that the Twitter bird icon has a name? His name is Larry, a basketball player. He was a prominent member of the Boston Celtics. Peter Stringer, VP of digital media, confirmed this by asking the co-founder of Twitter Biz-Stone about it.

5.Who has the most followers

Katy Perry has the most Twitter followers. She is a talented musician with a jaw-dropping 107 million followers. Following closely behind her is the former president of the united states, Barack Obama. Fun fact, if you sum up Katy Perry’s Twitter followers with those of Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, you get a number greater than the entire population of Germany, Turkey, South Africa combined.

6.How important is @, media and RTs

It is evident that Twitter did not create hashtags, retweets, or replies, but they have become such an integral part of how the platform operates. It is impossible to imagine Twitter without them. Retweets and @mentions can increase followers while tweets with photos and videos get up to 4 times more engagement from Twitter users.

In Conclusion

There are many other things that you do not know about Twitter. But every step at a time, the things named above have given you a foundation about your favorite social media platform. You’re not as green as you were some minutes ago, right? Remember, always understanding why something is the way it appears at present gives you a leeway to better usage and usability.

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