Free Firestick Apps That You Need

by Thomas Ford

When you make up your mind to have a switch in your methods of watching TV shows, the Amazon Fire Tv Stick is likely going to be your next choice. As a first timer, you will need suitable options to start with and that’s why we are suggesting that you start with the free apps. In this article, we will outline the different Firestick apps that you can get for free on your device. Shall we?

Types of free firestick apps for streaming

Here are some free options to consider when choosing a firestick app.

1. Titanium TV

In Titanium TV, you will be granted access to a massive catalog that contains a ton of TV shows as well as movies. It’s a free app; which means that you’re allowed to stream the different TV shows at no cost and at high-quality. Sometimes, it provides you with useful movie links which may include HD videos for your streaming. If you’re a beginner, you’d find this app easy to use/install. It functions well and you can also access your Real-Debrid account with it.

 2. Pluto Tv

If you love to view live TV shows and programs, Pluto TV is one of the free options to consider. Through the use of your Amazon Firestick, you can have full access to any form of live show you want.

On Pluto TV, there are about 100 love channels that you can watch during your leisure hour. Entertainment, news, and sports are some. of them. the most popular Video genres that you can find on the app. Asides from these, there are other TV shows as well as movies that can be found on Pluto Tv. The beautiful part of this app is that you get to watch got movies as they are released.

 3. Kodi

Kodi app is a popular free app that tends to often appear on every list that talks about firestick apps. There are many video options to choose from and stream on the app. Also, downloading of shows is possible and you can get as many as you would want

4. Tubi

Everyone knows Tubi as a free video streaming app that’s not going away anytime soon. It has new titles and movies come in every week. On Tubi, you get to find Tons of TV entertainment programs; from drama to comedy to kids, to anime and in fact, a lot of things. If you’re in Europe, you may not be able to access this. But, if you are in the US, you can stream your videos by using a VPN that’s connected to a server in America.

5. Crackle

This app allows you to watch any kind of movie and TV shows. For parents and guidance who are afraid that their wards would consume inappropriate content, it provides a parental control feature that lets you filter the content that will be made available in your absence. If you want to get the most out of this app, you will need to be registered with it.


Watching TV shows is one of the basic ways to unwind. Amazon Fire Stick TV allows you to do this and even more. Above, are some of the great options that can come in handy when you need to treat yourself to an awesome TV show!

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