The Huawei Audio Kit Functions Are Out Of This World

by Thomas Ford

Since Huawei set out to create their HMS core, they have done incredible things, to say the least. At the center of those things is without a doubt their audio kit. App developers and users alike will quickly realize that the audio kit is truly special.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some of the functions of the audio kit and what makes it so good. If you are a fan of music and audio sound in general, you are definitely going to like this article.

Functions of the Audio Kit

Here are some of the functions of the audio kit that we thought were really cool.

1. You Can Play the Audio in Various Formats

The audio kit allows you to play audio sounds in a host of formats. You can choose to play it in IMY, MP3, AMR, AAC, and a lot more. The options are just endless.

So gone are the days where you have to convert an audio tone or song into a compatible format. Things are so much easier with the Huawei audio kit.

2. Playback Controls Are All Supported

If you are looking for playback controls, then the audio kit is probably the right place to look. All the playback controls you can think of is supported by the audio kit. Even the drag progress bar is well accounted for.

The result is that you have full control over what plays and when it does play. That’s not all it can do. It also allows you to continue play from wherever you stop or pause.

3. Audio Files

The audio kit also has an encryption feature. This allows you to cache your audio files without using much of the internet. Once this has been done, these files are automatically encrypted by the audio kit. This makes them secure and less vulnerable to theft.

With the Huawei audio kit, you can be sure that your audio files are safe.

4. Other supported features

Apart from the major features, the audio kit also supports other features. For example, features such as the play in order as well as shuffle play can all be used with the audio kit. You can also save your playlists effortlessly as well as add or remove them from it.

The audio kit allows you to remain completely in control of your media. This makes it the best option when developing a media or video app. it keeps the users attached and gives them a glorious experience in the process.

How Can I Get Access To The Audio Kit?

The best way to get access to the audio kit is to register on the Huawei platform for developers. After the necessary checks and requirements are fulfilled, you will get access to all the resources needed to build the perfect app.

This of course comes with the audio kit.


The functions of the audio kit are out of this world. Choosing to use the audio kit is clearly a good decision. It will bring give your users a pleasant experience.

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